Modul "Acoustical, psychological and social science approaches to noise effects"

(Prof. Vorländer – ITA / Prof. Koch – Institut für Psychologie)


Ort und Zeit: Di, 18:00 - 19:30 1070|113 (Phil)


Noise is unwanted sound or sound which potentially creates health problems. It is one of the major problems in industrialized countries. Noise occurs in various constellations in living, education and recreation situations. The sources of noise cover a big variety, too, and their dominant components are first of all transportation systems such as railway, road and air traffic. Industrial noise, occupational noise and noise from neighbors are also in the focus of action for noise control. A wide and interdisciplinary approach is required to analyze and interpret noise effects on humans and to discuss strategies for sustainable planning and development in engineering.

In this seminar the disciplines of acoustics, psychology and social science and environmental medicine present their views on noise control and noise effects.





Veranstaltungsplan: October, 9th: First session




Prof. Dr. Michael Vorländer (Lehrstuhl und Institut für Technische
Acoustics and Noise control


Prof. Dr. Iring Koch und Dipl. Psych. Vera Lawo (beide Lehrstuhl und
Institut für Psychologie)
Cognitive psychology


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Janina Fels (Lehrstuhl und Institut für Technische Akustik,
Professur für Medizinische Akustik)


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Konrad und B.Sc. Psych. Laura
Stahl (Lehrstuhl für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und
-psychotherapie, Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Klinische
Neuropsychologie im Kindes- und Jugendalter)
Developmental psychology


Prof. Dr. Karin Bijsterveld (Technology and Society Studies Department
of Maastricht University)
History of Noise


Dr. Irene van Kamp (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, NL)
Environmental Medicine


Prof. Dr. Maria Klatte (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern)
Environmental psychology





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