China - Dancing with the Dragon

Between Cooperation and Confrontation


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Academic Responsibility

Prof. Dr.-ing. Frank Kemper

Center for Wind and Earthquake Engineering
RWTH Aachen

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ralph Rotte

Institute for political science
RWTH Aachen

Contact Person



16th April 2024


Tuesday, 6:30 – 8:00 pm


Hauptgebäude, Hörsaal III

Templergraben 55
52062 Aachen




China seems to be omnipresent now and is shaping numerous topics, problems and social discourses. As China’s economy has grown stronger over the last 30 years, so has its political self-confidence. China is increasingly asserting its own interests and claims on the global political stage. This is leading to growing tensions both with neighboring countries in the Indo-Pacific region and with the West, with which there is increasing socio-economic and political systemic competition, as postulated by both sides. At the same time, due to China’s size and population as well as its international economic interdependence, global crisis and challenges such as climate change can only be successfully tackled in cooperation with China.
In the events of this module, we will take a closer look at China’s traditions and values, as well as its politics and economy. We will address current topics such as the new Silk Road, environmental protection, ongoing trade disputes and the debatable human rights situation, but we will also look at RWTHs long-standing relationship with China. For example, RWTH has a double master’s program with the Chinese elite university Tsinghua University in Beijing and a joint research laboratory. The more than 2.800 Chinese students make up by far the largest group of international students at RWTH Aachen University. The series of events will also offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts on the individual topics through various guest lectures, so that student contributions are always possible and welcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop a basic understanding of political and economic developments in China, including the relationship between China’s economic rise and its political assertiveness on the global stage.
  • Students will understand the global implications of China’s increasing global political presence, particularly with regard to the challenges and tensions in the Indo-Pacific region and the West. They will also understand the importance of international cooperation in tackling global crises such as climate change.

Program (Please note that the lectures are hold in German)


16th April 2024


Prof. Rotte and Prof. Kemper;


China’s Domestic Policy

Prof. Rotte
RWTH Aachen University


China´s Foreign Policy

Prof. Rotte
RWTH Aachen University


Science vs. reason of state using the examples of Covid-19 and climate cooperation

Prof. Kemper
RWTH Aachen University

2nd July 2024

Economic Relations and Dependencies between Germany, Europe and China

Prof. Hinz
IfW Kiel

20th June 2023

Development of German-Chinese Relations in the Field of Education

Ruth Schimanowski
Chief Representative DAAD Office Beijing

4th July 2023

Human Rights Understanding and Practice in China

Dr. Sprick
Uni Köln

9th July 2024


Prof. Kemper and Prof. Rotte
RWTH Aachen


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