Sustainability and Transformation as Opportunities and Challenges for Society

Academic Responsibility

Prof. Dr. phil. Joachim Söder

Teaching area Philosophy
Catholic University of Applied Sciences Aachen

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Pieper

Teaching area Mathematics and Simulation
FH Aachen

Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Carmen Leicht-Scholten

Research and teaching area Gender and Diversity in Engineering
RWTH Aachen

Julia Berg, M.Sc.

Research and teaching area Gender and Diversity in Engineering
RWTH Aachen

Contact Person





Thursday, 4:30-6:00 pm


As far as the current regulations allow, we will meet in presence. Please keep in mind that we will divide the appointments among different rooms of the KatHo, the FH and the RWTH. The locations will be announced in time.


Sustainability and transformation are a societal challenge that requires the cooperation of a wide range of actors and disciplines. In cooperation with the FH Aachen and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Aachen, the event will examine and discuss the diverse dimensions of sustainability. Based on keynote speeches by various experts in the field of sustainability and transformation, current problems will be discussed across disciplines. 

Learning Outcomes

The course supports students in cross-university teams in developing their interdisciplinary competences. The work with practical social challenges is also intended to sensitise the students to social problems by critically and actively dealing with social and societal responsibility. Special attention is paid to the formation of networks from different disciplines and social actors in order to support the participants in developing their own code of action and thus generate actual impulses for action.




Prof. Dr. Carmen Leicht-Scholten, RWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Joachim Söder, KatHo Aachen
Prof. Dr. Martin Pieper, FH Aachen
Julia Berg M.Sc., RWTH Aachen


Group Session


Sustainable Startups

Matthias Büter, Charge Garage GmbH
Anna Agtas, IKIGO Studios GmbH


Sustainability in companies: From greenwashing to genuine regenerative business models

Prof. Dr. Stephan Hankammer
Alanus Hochschule


Sustainability in the city of Aachen – how social and ecological change can succeed

Sibylle Keupen
Mayor of Aachen


Sustainability in engineering sciences

Prof. Dr. Dieter Franke
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg


Group Presentation


Titel der Veranstaltung


Procedure/Working method​

Depending on the course of studies, module and examination, credit points can be achieved through participation.


Group Presentation and Reflection paper (4CP)

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